Celtic Cross of Journeys & Meetings (miniture) Wall Hanging from Wild Goose Studio

Awaken the imagination be inspired. A fusion of thought, feeling and image. The Celtic Cross of Journeys & Meetings (miniture). Life's journey brings a multitude of opportunities and personal encounters. These intersections can bring frustration or fulfillment and depend on the most startling chance. This cross is a symbol of the pain and importance of life's meetings. From a 500 year old stone in Co. Donegal. 4.5� x 1.5� it is available in Bronze and Cast Iron. This handmade creation is made in Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland at the Wild Goose Studios. By drawing on mythology, symbols, stories, images and poetry, they access the richness of shared memory and show it in visual design. Their work appeals to those who look beyond the immediate, beneath the surface and into the image. Made in Ireland
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